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and it would be nice if textastic could save more undos. at the moment, there are only 50 or something like that.

when i write much things and then realize that i deleted important things, i can only undo 50 changes or discard all the edits by downloading the backup version from ftp.
in a different topic, alexander blach wrote that textastic computed the highlighting of the whole file. and he said that i cant change this necause a more flexible solution would require too many changes and much more implementation

cant find the topic anymore...sorry
Sure? settings app -> about -> diagnostics & usage -> diagnostics & usage data
your name sounds german: einstellungen ->  info -> diagnose & nutzung -> diagnose- & nutzungsdaten i have hundreds of them
are the .plist crash logs in the ios settings app the same files as the ones you discribed?
on my ipad crashes, too (when i download over 400 files. it only happens during a download, not during an upload.
it happens after textastic created the list of files to download

wanna have my ipad1 logs too? i do not have mac or windows, so are the .plist files in the settings app of ios the right files?
i didn't mean rewriting the whole code. i just mean loading and displaying the content, without analyzing and syntax processing. syntax highlighting takes a huge part of the processing when opening a file, right?
maybe a "open without syntax highlighting" option would fix the problem
yeah, i know that i can reference it in my html. but maybe you could add an option "autoatically start firebug lite" to the preferences. i think almost everybody who uses textastics offline view also works with a developer console.
@a blach: i think there are some javascript debugging libraries written in javascript. maybe you could create a switch that switches javascript debugging on and off in the preview mode. and if it's turned on, you could just insert a script into the previewed html. maybe something like that.

i'm really sorry about my english! :D