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Hey, I meant to have the file with the textastic files that can be found in "on my iphone", I'd like to have that in the icloud thing(optional). If that's possible, it would be cool to make siri shortcuts with stuff for easier things.

(it's probably still badly understandable :(   )


Hey, I think this might solve it, try this! D992D4A4-8093-4299-96D6-AB7AB6B8A60C.jpeg Try to put it into the folder #Textastic as a file. Let me know if this worked! 


Well, I've tried to using this: I made it and put it as a lua.json into  #Texastic/CodeCompletion/lua.json 



"description": "Roblox Lua Completer for iOS.",
"uuid": "756ee420-358b-11eb-b3be-cda5901e6c46",

"completionSets": [
"name": "Roblox LuaU",
"defaultAppend": "end",
"strings": [
{"string": "function: "},
{"string": "do:"}

"contexts": [
"description": "lua",
"scope": "text.lua meta.tag",
"pattern": "_([a-zA-Z0-9]*)",
"completionCaptureIndex": 3,
"completionSetNames": [


You could click the view icon but instead hold it and click preview in Safari. If that doesn't work try the"•••". Open in safari.

Well for my everything works even the arrow keys.

But yeah a maybe new support to bluetooth devices would be cool.