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Milon 4 years ago in General updated 4 years ago 2

Hello, may I get some help? I am trying to make custom themes, and as well trying to make code completion and add custom keywords to the Code: Lua. The thing is I am on mobile so  I don’t know how to get the uuid from lua. I really need a Code Completer for lua. Thank you! 

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You can press Ctrl-Shift-P on an external keyboard to show the scope at the cursor location.

You'll need to use scopes in your themes and code completion definition.

The uuid of a new code completion file should be a new unique identifier - it can be generated using the uuidgen command on a Mac. There are also online generators for uuids.

Well, I've tried to using this: I made it and put it as a lua.json into  #Texastic/CodeCompletion/lua.json 



"description": "Roblox Lua Completer for iOS.",
"uuid": "756ee420-358b-11eb-b3be-cda5901e6c46",

"completionSets": [
"name": "Roblox LuaU",
"defaultAppend": "end",
"strings": [
{"string": "function: "},
{"string": "do:"}

"contexts": [
"description": "lua",
"scope": "text.lua meta.tag",
"pattern": "_([a-zA-Z0-9]*)",
"completionCaptureIndex": 3,
"completionSetNames": [