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Milon 4 years ago in iPhone updated 3 years ago 11


Add a folder from textastic with files you can select to be there, these will include this feature. Make siri shortcuts get file context from the selected file of textastic using icloud. Thanks, sorry if this was badly explained!

Now a idea, let us ajust the themes on this website for our self if possible, thanks also! ^-^

Under review

I'm sorry, but I didn't completely understand the request. What are you trying to achieve, what's the use case?

Hey, I meant to have the file with the textastic files that can be found in "on my iphone", I'd like to have that in the icloud thing(optional). If that's possible, it would be cool to make siri shortcuts with stuff for easier things.

(it's probably still badly understandable :(   )


Textastic's "Local Files" can be found in the Files app in "on my iPhone/Textastic". "iCloud" can be found in the Files app in "iCloud Drive/Textastic.

Also, the latest version of Textastic added a "Get File" shortcuts action that lets you retrieve and file from "Local Files" in Textastic by path.

Hey, yeah I know that but I meant something like this: 

Do you have iCloud Drive enabled for Textastic?

There should be an "iCloud" option in Textastic below "Local Files" and there should be a "Textastic" folder in iCloud Drive that has Textastic's app icon as seen in the screenshots at https://www.textasticapp.com/v9/manual/managing_files/local_files_icloud.html#icloud

Hey, I did found a setting but it is already set to icloud. I just don't see the files appear it it. 

That's not the right setting. Please look in "Apple-ID" -> iCloud. There should be a long list of apps including Textastic. Please check if iCloud is enabled for Textastic there.

Well, that is indeed selected.

Also another question, around a week ago I submitted a private image, but it haven't got a reply on. I'm not sure if it's seen or not, thanks. 

Looks good. Do you see the "iCloud" option in Textastic below "Local Files"?

I'd try a reboot of the device.


Yes indeed, I assume this is the  location to input file to make them appear on iCloud. Thank you! I'm so stupid lol! 

Some feedback, This app is soo great. This is exactly what we need! Thank you for this all!