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Changing to german makes it appear properly but english breaks it. I restarted my phone and yeah I'm jailbroken but I tried even when not that doesn't work either and I'm above iOS 14.2.

I don't get why it's not changing.

Nope, even doing that doesn’t fix it. You may be able to re-create it by changing your entire phone into spanish and that should do it. 

Yeah, also sorry for the late reply. I see the setting but as soon as I change it back to english there too, it still stays like that.

Yes indeed, I assume this is the  location to input file to make them appear on iCloud. Thank you! I'm so stupid lol! 

Some feedback, This app is soo great. This is exactly what we need! Thank you for this all! 

Well, that is indeed selected.

Also another question, around a week ago I submitted a private image, but it haven't got a reply on. I'm not sure if it's seen or not, thanks. 

Hey, I did found a setting but it is already set to icloud. I just don't see the files appear it it. 

Hey, yeah I know that but I meant something like this: