Your comments

Can you please add a URL scheme for sftp:// and ftp:// so it opens a new connection that is ready t o save? Many of the SSH apps like Prompt do this for ssh://
Any updates on getting SVN support added?  I would really like this feature as it would allow me to edit more files, rather than just using Textastic for code reviews.  It is really a bit of a hassle to edit files that are checked into SVN at the moment.
It would be nice if I could just have an option to open an SSH connection for the SFTP connection that I have setup in Textastic.  For example my SFTP connections in Textastic would also work to connect via. SSH.  I have Panic's Prompt iPad app installed so it would be great if there was a link to connect to SSH for each SFTP connection.  e.g.  ssh://  would allow me to login using Prompt.
I guess it depends how you use Textastic.  I mainly use it for code reviews and not much editing, so the keyboard is rarely shown.  I won't use it much for editing until it supports SVN so I can commit changes.
Could you make the tabs hidden until you scroll to the top of the page? Maybe that could be a setting within the app, or you could disable the tabs completely if you wanted more screen space.  Safari in the upcoming iOS5 has tabs so I think it is a good idea, not sure if they did anything special to save on screen real estate in their implementation.