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SSH support

Ruslan Root 14 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 13 years ago 9
Propose to add a little functionality to the administrator server, and possibly useful for programmers. Really need support for SSH for sync files. May need to add two buttons "Save", "Save to remote host"

And execute commands:
when connecting to the server ( cd /home/user/src );
affter save file to server ( git commit -am 'autocommit' );
before exit;
and a small pop window for commands (for example you need to restart the web server after editing);

You can make as an additional package that need to buy in the AppStore to activate SSH. I'll buy.
I second this. Being able to access files on an SSH server and edit them from here would be amazing. Would pay money for the feature.
Yes, SSH would be great. I'm doing a lot of admin and PHP stuff on Linux Servers! :-)
SFTP would be a great step toward enhancing security.
Yes, sftp is absolutly necesscary. On some machines ftp is disabled for security-reasons (and that's the right way..).
It would be great if i could setup a build button with a command which will be executed per ssh. The output of this command should shown in a small console view.
With this feature you can compile source code remotely after you have edit a file.
This would make this app to really useful flexible IDE for the IPad.

I would pay some extra bucks for this feature!
It would be nice if I could just have an option to open an SSH connection for the SFTP connection that I have setup in Textastic.  For example my SFTP connections in Textastic would also work to connect via. SSH.  I have Panic's Prompt iPad app installed so it would be great if there was a link to connect to SSH for each SFTP connection.  e.g.  ssh://user:password@host.com/path/to/folder/  would allow me to login using Prompt.
I can highly recommend Panic's prompt app until this feature becomes reality. It's got the same high quality finish we've come to enjoy with Textastic.
While I appreciate the recommendations for alternate tools (I use and recommend iSSH myself), I think it would still be helpful to have Textastic include this functionality, even if it is as an additional in-app purchase. Two big advantages to this...

(1) My credentials for other systems would be stored in one app, no need for duplicate entries.

(2) My workflow would be simpler without app-switching, and Textastic or my SSH app would not see me as "idle" while I use the other.

That second point is worth emphasizing. I often need to both edit files and work on the command line of remote systems. When I do these things in two apps, then one or the other eventually logs me off, requiring I restart that session. If this were all handled within Textastic, it could be much more graceful about keeping sessions alive while I was, in fact, still at work.

I know this is probably not the highest priority of the developer, and real SSH terminal support is not a trivial undertaking; but it would make Textastic awesome if it came to be! Meanwhile, Textastic is great and I'll happily keep using it even without this feature.