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To be clear Textastic already has this feature..its just not readily accessible to be functional (currently you need to go to Settings each time.) The 'on off switch needs to be in the dashboard tool bar, maybe beside the List Symbols/functions icon so that the user can instantly switch editing on and off while 'troubleshooting' code. Apple's PAGES uses this idea very well with its Edit/Read only Button always present in.its top tool bar.

. An absolute necessity for coding on an iPad!Sure would be nice if the GO TO LINE option was available when using the virtual keyboard as well as the external keyboard. Thanks for a GREAT APP!

I have noticed this can happen with other apps on the iPadAir, and therefore wonder if this might not be a fault with Textastic, but an issue with iPadAir hardware or software. Happened prior to iOS 15 as well .i.e. iOS 14.8. Required a reboot of the iPadAir to get rid of the blank screen and then run normally again. Seems to occur using native email app too?

File Explorer makes it easy to hookup to NAS and would be a great addition to Textastic capabilities 

Thank you Alexander for the great ONGOING support and development of your app. It would be great to have the capability of jumping to a line number using the iPad with its virtual keyboard.. without having to have an accessory keyboard attached. It is yet another thing that makes Textastic so functional that you can do all this coding with just an iPad sitting on your lap with no other encumbrances such as accessory keyboards, mouse, monitor etc. I am also looking forward to seeing the read only 'switch' readily accessible on the editing tool bar to prevent inadvertent character additions when troubleshooting using the iPad spit screen mode. Thanks for a fantastic app! Doug D.

WOW, and THANKYOU! As a Textastic devotee I am really pleased that Alex was able to confirm, and fix the above issue! I have multiple iterations of event handlers and frequent use of console.log calls and alerts for troubleshooting and so my current Java script code was quite vulnerable to being bothered by WebKit not being nice to TEXTASTIC’S 'Done' button.  Thank you to  Miguel also for bringing this issue to light, as it would never have occurred to me that some debugging issues I was having related to WebKit and not my own amateurish code! Thank you again Alexander for sleuthing this out and fixing it! Rest assured that all of us iOS/ iPad devoted Textastic coders out there REALLY APPRECIATE all the work you do in bringing us Textastic!

Doug D.

I too would like to support Miguel's request for prioritizing attention being directed to fixing this 'bug'. Miguel was the OP who brought attention to this 'bug'. Textastic is an incredible app, and I would venture to say that for the iPad the ONLY app one needs to consider for editing code on an iPad. JavaScript must be one of the most frequently used languages by people editing code in Textastic, and I suspect other coders feel a bit of understandable frustration when coming across this bug. As I had previously mentioned above, I think it should be reproducible by adding some Alerts to the js testing code, and then multiple uses of the preview window should do the trick. I also find that after closing the program/code using the DONE button, and returning to re-run the program again after a period of several uses of the preview window, or even after just a 'time delay' that multiple pop ups of the alert windows in my program occur without any solicitation on my part, and after individually closing each appearance of the alert window (which seems to be the same alert each time?) the Textastic editor returns to its normal expected (fantastic) behaviour. There must be a ton of work required by Alexander and team? to maintaining this app...but rest assured that all that effort IS REALLY APPRECIATED BY TEXTASTIC'S DEVOTED USERS who depend on Textastic to keep the iPad in the forefront of usability for coding on iOS! WELL DONE Alex!

Thank you again Alexander for a FANTASTIC app!


I am writing a PWA. I.notice after closing the preview window to examine my code, that many of the 'Alerts' in my code keep 'popping up' on the code screen, even though to my knowledge the program has stopped running as I tapped DONE after running the code, and assume the program stops running. But as Miguel suggest, maybe the code is still executing or is still running in the background. In order to continue editing my code I have to close multiple alert windows that have their origin in my program code. After doing this I can continue editing code as expected. BTW thanks for a great code editor. Textastic is fantastic!

I heartily endorse this suggestion. VERYuseful in Java Script too. I also would like to see the capability of 'pinning' symbols at the top of the symbols list, so you good jump back and forth between related functions for example, to make following the path of your code easier. Thanks for a GREAT iPad app!