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Blank screen and quit

Raystek 2 years ago in iPad updated 2 years ago 3

I have a iPad Air 4 running iOS 15.2. The Textastic app sometimes start up in a blank white screen. It would quite after a few seconds. The only way to get the app running properly again is to reboot the iPad. 

I have tried killing and restarting the app.

I have noticed this can happen with other apps on the iPadAir, and therefore wonder if this might not be a fault with Textastic, but an issue with iPadAir hardware or software. Happened prior to iOS 15 as well .i.e. iOS 14.8. Required a reboot of the iPadAir to get rid of the blank screen and then run normally again. Seems to occur using native email app too?

Under review

Textastic tries to open the files that were open the last time the app was used and it tries to restore the external folders at launch.

If a file was previously opened using the "Open…" command or a folder added using the "Add External Folder…" command, it is possible that the file provider hangs for some reason and opening the file or folder times out, resulting in a crash.

If the app crashes directly at launch, you can try the following:

  • go to the Settings app
  • scroll down to Textastic
  • enable "Reset Recent Files"

Enabling the “Reset Recent Files” seems to do the trick. Thanks.