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Find or highlight matching brace/parens/brackets

Bob Beaty 4 years ago in General updated by Simon Tokumine 3 years ago 3

I just got Textastic for my iPad, and I have to say it's pretty great - it even handles Clojure - my language of choice... and the Automatic brace/brackets is a great feature, but with Clojure, it'd be great if there were a key that allowed me to Jump to the balanced partner of a brace {}, or paren (), or bracket []. This has the effect of "bouncing" between two points in the code - the start, and the end, of the pairings. It's very useful for languages like Clojure where there are a lot of parens...

This is very useful in Vi and Sublime Text 2/3, and a lot of other editors... and I'd really love for it to be added to Textastic for iOS/iPadOS. 


I heartily endorse this suggestion. VERYuseful in Java Script too. I also would like to see the capability of 'pinning' symbols at the top of the symbols list, so you good jump back and forth between related functions for example, to make following the path of your code easier. Thanks for a GREAT iPad app!


Just adding my +1 to this. Thanks for considering it Alexander!