Plea for a Read Only button to be put on the 'Dashboard' tool bar

Doug Dyer 3 years ago in iPad updated 1 year ago 1

On an iPad it is very easy to inadvertently add an unintended character from the keyboard into your code when scrolling through it debugging etc. When this happens and you miss it or are unaware it happened there is a ton of time wasted trying to find the aberrant character that has stopped your program running in its tracks. This can be solved by placing a Read Only 'switch' that is easily accessible at the top of the tool bar so you can switch edit ability and read only on and off as required, preventing unintended typos or character additions that mess up your program. This having happened to me many times causes me to write this urgent request. Having said this let me also say Textastic is Fantastic...coding on an iPad could almost not be done without it. Thanks for a great editor!

Doug D.

To be clear Textastic already has this feature..its just not readily accessible to be functional (currently you need to go to Settings each time.) The 'on off switch needs to be in the dashboard tool bar, maybe beside the List Symbols/functions icon so that the user can instantly switch editing on and off while 'troubleshooting' code. Apple's PAGES uses this idea very well with its Edit/Read only Button always present in.its top tool bar.

. An absolute necessity for coding on an iPad!Sure would be nice if the GO TO LINE option was available when using the virtual keyboard as well as the external keyboard. Thanks for a GREAT APP!