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Incredible continued support for this great app! Thank you. 

Oh! OK i re-read your comment and it makes sense. Hmm. Yeah having to scroll left and right isnt particularly convenient either. 

Interesting. i havent used the app much but i have the latest ipad and might want to again at some point. Last time, probably more than a year ago, i tend to find that the instabilities related to global directory search (which, heck, just having that feature is better than nothing, let's be clear though) are more what bugs me than yanking me around due to app orientation... but yeah why was auto word wrap feature removed? If it has indeed been.

Consider how Sublime just puts some Grep-like output in a new buffer. Basically we just need some ability for this even if it isn't as pretty as the regular search UI.
The text is perfectly sharp with new update on the 6 plus. And the scrolling is very very nice. It's perfect.
Awesome to hear this. Good luck!
This is the only reason I jailbreak! It is so I can install git natively to clone into my Textastic documents folder. Relying on ftp in this day and age is not sufficient anymore.

This should be *ridiculously* easy to implement, because git is open source. With all due respect, Mr. Blach, dear author of the best iOS text editor by a WIDE margin, please just plop git into your code and let us clone, check out branches, and push items in the Textastic documents folder. It will be really easy to implement. I beg you! 

Really getting tired of iOS 7.0.4's crashy Safari.  Cannot upgrade to 7.1 because I need git support for Textastic.
I can't test that without losing my jailbreak which I will not do (as it is actually more important that I can run git on my device than to be able to edit any files). 

That's nice to see that it's been fixed with 7.1 though. 
What would be perfect would be an option to view the diff between the current editor buffer and the remote file. If the file has been modified, this diff would show exactly the changes that were made (and are currently unsaved/unuploaded). 

This way we can avoid the situation where we wonder if we've actually uploaded the file or not: If the local file is out of date, uploading will overwrite any newer changes, and if the local file has had changes, downloading the latest version will overwrite those changes. Being able to compare the current state of the file with the version on the server will allow the user to be sure that the right operation is performed!
Okay. Thanks for responding.