Textastic on iOS 8 / iPhone 6 (plus)

Maurice Zoliker 10 years ago in iPhone updated by Steven Lu 9 years ago 16
Hello Alexander,

Are you planning to release an update to better support iOS 8?

The current version of Textastic seems to work on my brand new iPhone 6+, but I think it deserves an "optimized" version, to make the most of the extra pixels and extra screen surface :-).

Here are, in my opinion, some things that could be improved:
- Decrease font size/height in file-choosers, to be able to display more files
- Upper and lower menus could be made significantly smaller, to save valuable space
- Maybe have a landscape iPhone 6+ dedicated mode, with a mini file-chooser on the left and the edit pane on the right (like on the iPad version)
- In landscape mode, the extra icon line (above the keyboard) does not take all the available room, which could be improved either by adding extra icons, or by increasing their size (by the way, why not implement a fully customized keyboard, now that Apple accepts this?)
- In landscape mode, the file transfer screen could be made to fit entirely on one screen, especially on iPhone 6+

That's it for today, I hope this is not too much of a wishlist on a single message ;-).

Keep up the good work!

Kind regards,
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Oops, I forgot to mention another one:
- Add an option (like on the iPad version) allowing to hide the extra keys (above the keyboard). This is particularly useful when using an external bluetooth keyboard.

Under review
Yes, I'm working an an update to fully support the new iPhone models. I'll receive my own iPhone 6 Plus for testing tomorrow and have been using an iPhone 6 for about a week.
Awesome to hear this. Good luck!
Hi. Are any other features planned for iOS 8 using the new API's? Thanks
Yes, I plan to add support for the document picker and iCloud Drive.
Hi Alexander,
When are you planning to release the new version of Textastic?
Really can't wait! ;-)
In addition to the features mentioned above, if possible I would also love to see the touchid utilized in place/addition to the current passcode lock functionality.  With so many apps taking advantage of touchid now, I have become very spoiled :) 
I think it would be really nice to look at the iPad version of Textastic for some inspiration when optimising the app for the iPhone 6 plus. Many apps that have been optimised for the iPhone 6 plus use portions of the iPad interface when the app is in landscape mode. That could be a nice way to use the screen real estate better.
all the features listed above and in the comments would be great, especially the Touch ID and Bluetooth keyboard suggestions. I've only just downloaded this app but it's so far been well worth the money. I can definitely see myself using this for quick edits and fixes to clients sites on the go. very much looking forward to using the iPhone 6/Plus optimized version. 
I plan to submit the new version to Apple tomorrow. It will have Touch ID support.
That's a fan-text-astic news! Really!
Thank you Alexander.
My iphone had updated to 8.1.2, but i think there is no special function iphone6
The latest version of Textastic (5.2) is updated for the higher resolution of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
The text is perfectly sharp with new update on the 6 plus. And the scrolling is very very nice. It's perfect.