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I'm working on this. I'll also add the ability to change the sort order of files.

Hello, yes, there are several issues in the current version of Textastic on iPhone X. I received my own iPhone X on Friday and I'm working on an update with full support for it.

This is indeed an iOS bug, but I recently found a workaround. This will be fixed in the next update.

I think you should be able to fix it temporarily by switching from "Replace" to "Search" and back again.

It depends on the selected syntax definition and if you do not enter a file extension, the "Plain Text" syntax definition is used, which doesn't support Emmet tab expansion.

I'd love to support document providers for this, but unfortunately that's not possible.

I can only show the system UI to browse locations like in the Files app and it's only possible to access the files the user opens through the document picker. I do not have access to the directory tree outside of the files that are selected for security reasons.

Can you please check if the following fixes the issue for you:

- open the Settings app

- go to General -> Accessibility -> Speech

- disable "Speak Selection"

If I disable this setting on my device, the problem seems to go away.

Thanks! That really helped. I could now reproduce the problem. The difference is that I did a single tap on the editor to bring up the on-screen keyboard before using "Select All".

If I do a double tap instead to select text without bringing up the on-screen keyboard and use "Select All", I can see the problem you are seeing.

I'm going to try to fix it!

Sorry, but it's hard for me to help if I cannot reproduce the problem on my own device.

If you disable bluetooth in the Settings app, does the problem still occur when you select all text?

Can you maybe make a short video that shows the problem and upload it to Dropbox or a similar service so I can see exactly what is happening? 

Hello, please have a look at the Settings app -> General -> Language & Region.

You can set a preferred order of languages there using the Edit button in the top right corner. Maybe you have German set before English for some reason?