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We received a hint from Apple and I added a workaround in Textastic 6.4.1 to open folders on iPhone: 

  • in Textastic, tap "Open…" 
  • navigate to Working Copy 
  • press "Select" in the top toolbar 
  • select a folder  
  • tap "Open" 

Please only use this to open folders from Working Copy. If you try to open other folders - like for example from iCloud Drive, bad things can happen :)

Or do you mean a hardware keyboard? I just tried to select text with my Apple Magic Keyboard connected over bluetooth: no problems.

What happens if you copy the same text into Apple's Notes app and try to select text there? Do you see similar issues?

I don't know where to find a "Select All" command on the keyboard. Do you mean with a two finger gesture?

I've set the same font and theme and see no difference, sorry. I'm using the "Plain Text" syntax definition.

I opened the file you sent me on my iPad 10.5 running iOS 11, did two single taps on the editor and chose "Select All". I do not see any delay at all. I also tried copying and pasting and see no delay.

Maybe it is related to other settings in the app. Which syntax definition and theme do you have selected? Which keyboard are you using? Which font and size?

Oh, and please also tell me what exactly I need to do to trigger the problem.

Ok, so it looks like it is a different problem you are seeing. Can you maybe send me a file in which you see these problems so I can try to reproduce it on my iPad? You can send it to

I'm sorry that you lost data due to this bug. I have found out that it happens after the "Find…" command is invoked and the find bar is closed. I'm going to try to fix this.

I have seen such problems with the clipboard on iOS 11. It seems to be related to the feature called Universal Clipboard that allows you to copy and paste across Mac and iOS devices. See for details.

It seems to happen when iOS tries to determine if it should show the Paste command and a Mac is nearby.

By default, an app does not know anything about externally opened files except its URL. To fix that, Anders Borum and I have developed a way to share information about the source application. See for details.

"External Storage Provider" is displayed as a generic term when Textastic cannot read this information and doesn't know that the source app was Working Copy.

So it seems that Textastic cannot access the external URL at all. I'll ask Anders Borum if he has an idea.

I have not seen such a problem on my devices. Can you please try if a reboot of your device fixes it?