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You can add custom syntax definitions to Textastic by using TextMate bundles. See

A quick search for "Vala tmbundle" in Google brought up this TextMate bundle which should work:

Just yesterday I successfully used the new syntax highlighter for the first time to highlight complex Python code with the latest Sublime Text 3 Python syntax definition. It's coming along nicely.


how exactly are you trying to access Dropbox? Do you use Textastic's built-in Dropbox support (see or do you use the "Open…" command in Textastic?

If you use the built-in Dropbox support you should start at the root folder of your Dropbox account and you can tap on subfolders to navigate down. To navigate up again, you use the back button in the top left corner.

Currently not, but it is something I want to add in a future update.

Sounds like a useful idea.

Do you use two different WebDAV connections in Textastic or did you just change the user name and password in a single connection?

Hello, Textastic currently supports TextMate 1 syntax definitions which are quite dated. I'm currently working on a new syntax highlighter that can use Sublime Text 3 syntax definitions. That will allow me to use the latest syntax definitions with support for the latest language features - like the ones for Python.

I probably had the beta version of Working Copy installed when I made the video which uses a shortened app name.

Hello, you can go to and request a refund for Textastic from Apple.