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Textastic has built-in syntax highlighting support for Python, but it doesn't include a Python interpreter.


the Dropbox app does not have a file provider that supports open mode. Please use Textastic's built-in Dropbox support instead:

It's not built-in at the moment, but searching for "typescript tmbundle" as described in another post in this topic brings up several TypeScript syntax definitions that you can install.

You can search for \n to find new lines (and \t for tabs).

You can also use regular expression search to ignore line breaks.

What do you think about Cmd-Shift-O - that's the one used by Xcode and Textastic for Mac. I want to reserve Cmd-P for printing.


to reference a JavaScript file from a HTML file, insert a tag like this:

<script src="file.js"></script>

You can reference a CSS file like this:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css">

I hope this helps.

Yes, this does not work at the moment. We are working on a solution for iOS 11.


when Textastic opens the document picker, it tells it which kind of files (uniform type identifiers) it can open: text (public.text), plain text (public.plain-text), source code (public.source-code), and script (public.script).

This system however only works for file extensions known to the system. I'm pretty sure that no app registers the ".mq4" file extension, so the system does not know which uniform type identifier it conforms to.

When Transmit's file provider extension then checks to see if a file conforms to the types of files that Textastic can open, this fails for ".mq4" files.

It would be up to Transmit's file provider extension to handle this case and let Textastic open the file anyway. The Git client Working Copy for example handles this gracefully.

Please contact Panic's support team to let them know about this issue.

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Alexander Blach