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Thanks for letting me know about this problem. This used to work on iOS, too, but Apple changed the behavior when the backspace key is pressed. This will be fixed in the next update.

Yes, you are right, the syntax definitions need an update.

No, sorry, I'm not aware of such an issue. Do you have any more information on when this happens? Which version of the app and iOS, which device?

You cannot make it appear with a single tap on the editor?

Hello, what happens when you try to preview the HTML file in Safari (button in the top right corner -> Preview in Safari)?


you are right - at the moment, many files cannot be opened because the file extension is not known to the system. I plan to allow the user to open any file using the "Open…" command in a future update.

We received a hint from Apple and I added a workaround in Textastic 6.4.1 to open folders on iPhone: 

  • in Textastic, tap "Open…" 
  • navigate to Working Copy 
  • press "Select" in the top toolbar 
  • select a folder  
  • tap "Open" 

Please only use this to open folders from Working Copy. If you try to open other folders - like for example from iCloud Drive, bad things can happen :)

Or do you mean a hardware keyboard? I just tried to select text with my Apple Magic Keyboard connected over bluetooth: no problems.

What happens if you copy the same text into Apple's Notes app and try to select text there? Do you see similar issues?

I don't know where to find a "Select All" command on the keyboard. Do you mean with a two finger gesture?

I've set the same font and theme and see no difference, sorry. I'm using the "Plain Text" syntax definition.