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I see that you've made a question out of the post. Perfect. Then it can stay. Thanks for your help. And yeah, I'm glad it works too.

How could I have missed that! You are absolutely right, of course. I have certainly installed about 50 fonts and a mono font is also included. And exactly that one appears in the font selection of Textastic. How cool is that! Thank you so much for the quick feedback Alex. Should I delete the entry? Really sorry for not noticing that before. facepalm 

Wait! I just saw the tweet in the sidebar. There you talk about "custom fonts" support in iOS 14! Isn't that exactly what I asked for? I haven't upgraded to iOS 14 yet (because of the numerous bugs), so I can't check that, nor have I heard anything about it. If so, I will gladly delete this entry. And say thanks! 

Oh, this topic seems to come up more often here. Multi cursor support like in VS Code & Co I wish very much!

Also happens to me from time to time while editing HTML code.

I don't really need this feature, but it's hard to see that the idea was expressed a decade ago and the status is still "Planned". No criticism, I just barely notice it. ;)

I also miss multi cursor support a lot! I often use Textastic with the iPad and an external keyboard. It would make work so much easier.