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I can’t see or edit the last few lines of the file on my iPad Mini

Albo P. Fossa 4 years ago in iPad updated by ROP 4 years ago 5

Running scrupulously updated Textastic, landscape mode, iOS 13.4.1. I can’t see, much less edit, the last few (say, five) lines of a file: they are hidden behind the keyboard. At best, I may sometimes proceed to portrait mode (and if needed pinch to shrink the display) to acquire the needed result. Not satisfactory!

see the same problem on iPad when keyboard is minimized. 
No problem on iPhone. 

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Can you please send me a short video that shows the problem? I don't see this problem on my devices.

Having updated to iOS 13.5.1 I do not find that the issue recurs. My htm and css fils are now tidied into one record each, and I have grown accustomed to maintaining them that way (not particularly difficult for e.g., an 889-byte style sheet). I will most assuredly repost if the issue recurs. I can give you a URL of a sample (lorem-ipsum) page if that would be … er … entertaining but I suspect the issue for now is not worth further pursuing. Thanks for your response, Mr. Blach.

Sorry! forgot to mention that the problem occurs in SSH TerminalIMG_0185.MP4

Also happens to me from time to time while editing HTML code.