Allow access to the iOS system fonts for use in code editor

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There are numerous apps that can access the iOS system fonts. These include—for example—RSS readers to customize the display of articles to your own taste, or graphic apps to use the fonts for layouts. If we can already add our own themes, it would be really desirable if the font selection could be customized as well. 

Textastic only offers a very small selection of fonts. There are so many other fantastic fonts for programming. I can easily install these with iOS and use them in all apps that access the system fonts of iOS. I think it should be no problem to make this possible for Textastic as well. This would be very desirable and a long-cherished wish of mine (as a typographer). 

We sit in front of the screens for hours to code. So the working environment should be more customizable.


Wait! I just saw the tweet in the sidebar. There you talk about "custom fonts" support in iOS 14! Isn't that exactly what I asked for? I haven't upgraded to iOS 14 yet (because of the numerous bugs), so I can't check that, nor have I heard anything about it. If so, I will gladly delete this entry. And say thanks! 

Under review

This should also work in iOS 13 if you installed a monospaced font using an app like AnyFont.

How could I have missed that! You are absolutely right, of course. I have certainly installed about 50 fonts and a mono font is also included. And exactly that one appears in the font selection of Textastic. How cool is that! Thank you so much for the quick feedback Alex. Should I delete the entry? Really sorry for not noticing that before. facepalm 


I'm glad that it works for you!

I see that you've made a question out of the post. Perfect. Then it can stay. Thanks for your help. And yeah, I'm glad it works too.