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Multicursor support

jsageryd 10 years ago updated by Eivin Landa 4 years ago 7
A feature I use extensively in Sublime is multi-cursor or 'Multiple Selections' as Sublime calls it. It would be quite a time-saver.

A nice demonstration can be found at https://www.sublimetext.com
I'd pay twice as much for a text editor with this. You really miss this after getting used to it. 

is this still under review?




Please add this feature. GoCoEdit has it, but I prefer Textastic. 

Oh, this topic seems to come up more often here. Multi cursor support like in VS Code & Co I wish very much!


After using multi-caret editing in sublime text and visual code for years it's become an essential part of productivity for me. I would love to see this type of functionality in textastic. Then I might finally be able to use the iPad as a development device on the go :-)