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I would like github support as much as any of you... but i understand it's not a trivial add-on, and I truly appreciate Alexander's Textastic's feature set so far!

As a (temporary) "solution", I'm using github together with dropbox. When you clone your github repo in a dropbox directory, it is available within Textastic, where you can browse and edit the source code, which gets sync'ed back to the dropbox server. You will have to wait for access to your lap/desktop to commit those changes back to github, but at least you have been "productive" on your ipad. I realize it's not a complete solution, but it works... 

Yes, it would be a better feature if read-onlly could be toggled per file - maybe even in the bar above the document such that you can easily switch. If you just want to browse thru a doc, it's kind of annoying if that keyboard pops up every time you touch instead of swipe the text - an easy toggle would facilitate switching between editing and browsing.
Clojure support seems to be working well in the latest release - Thanks!

You may want to add Clojure to the supported languages page ( such that googling clojurians are able to find this great tool.
The lisp syntax works ok for clojure files, but I tried to improve on that by catering to some of clojure's specifics in the syntax file that I sent Alexander - so it gets even better with the next Textastic update ;-)
Thanks for being so responsive!!!
How about this monospace font, designed for code listings: "Inconsolata"
Really nice and it is my standard font in all my editors...