Read-only mode / viewer mode

kkelley 14 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 6 years ago 12 1 duplicate
You should be able to open a file as read-only.


I've added a "Read-Only" editor setting to the app's settings.
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I have just posted a similar request (to allow the keyboard to be disabled for a file reading mode) which has been merged with this one. Just wanted to make it clear that in my case I would like to toggle this mode without having to close and reopen the file. Thanks for listening.
I've added a "Read-Only" editor setting to the app's settings.
I would much prefer to see this as a per-document setting, which can be toggled in the document info popover.
Yes, it would be a better feature if read-onlly could be toggled per file - maybe even in the bar above the document such that you can easily switch. If you just want to browse thru a doc, it's kind of annoying if that keyboard pops up every time you touch instead of swipe the text - an easy toggle would facilitate switching between editing and browsing.
This additional per-file switch could be added to the popover that is described in this idea: http://feedback.textasticapp.com/feedback/8814-what-about-tabbed-coding/

The popover would appear when you tap on the file title. The title could show a lock symbol when the file is in read-only mode.
I see this was implemented in 2.0 unfortunately textastic doesn't remember the file position when in read-only mode. This makes this nice feature much less useful because each time I switch from one source file to another, textastic sends me back to the beginning of the file :( Is this disabled on purpose? I figured remembering which line number is currently displayed in the middle of the viewport would be a reasonable way to save the position before switching to another file (maybe you rely on the cursor position in write mode).

Textastic doesn't save and restore the scroll position but it saves the current cursor position or text selection. I'll think about a solution. Your suggestion sounds like a good idea.
Thanks Alexander. Read-only mode is great when you don't want to accidentally modify a file, especially if it's linked to a remote location. And with the keyboard out of the way you have more room for the pop-up menu that shows the list of classes and functions in the source code (a feature that is so so useful).

t would be so much better if you could mark individual files as read-only, so you could protect a doc from accidental modification when you've finished working on something.

Would also be very good if you could do a SaveAs, to make a new non-read-only copy of a file with a different name. - perhaps I've just not noticed this?

Could we revive this idea, the idea of a per-file readonly lock flag? I can see it might be a bit awkward, there are a number of very different ways I can think of to implement it, but then I know zero about ios so I don't know what I'm talking about anyway.

I'm sorry, but per-file read-only mode is a very specific feature request that I think most users won't need.