Syntax highlighting for Clojure please

franks42 14 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago 14
Clojure is a lisp-like language.
I have a clojure.plist file for Fraise that I'd be happy to contribute.
If you can send me the clojure.plist file to support@textasticapp.com I'll be sure to add it to Textastic!
Thanks for being so responsive!!!
So, has this been implemented? I would buy Textastic in a snap if I could be sure it will at least open (and better, highlight) my Clojure code.
Hi, I've received the clojure syntax definition from Frank and also added it to Textastic. But, I just checked if it is working and unfortunately, I made a mistake when adding it to the project:

Textastic 2.0 does recognize the clj extension and correctly shows that it detected it as a Clojure file, but it doesn't highlight the file.

Somehow I forgot to add the clojure.plist file to the project so it wasn't in the app.

I've just corrected this mistake and it will be available in the next update.
Ok, cool — I guess this means I can buy Textastic now, rename all my files to .lisp and live with it as an interim solution. Thanks! I'll be awaiting the update.
Well, you can simply choose the lisp syntax highlighter in the File Information popover and keep the file extension. Textastic remembers the chosen syntax definition for the next time you open the file.
Oh, cool, that's even better. And, having just tested it, works just fine for now. Thanks!
The lisp syntax works ok for clojure files, but I tried to improve on that by catering to some of clojure's specifics in the syntax file that I sent Alexander - so it gets even better with the next Textastic update ;-)
Yes, I will definitely be waiting for that.
Clojure support seems to be working well in the latest release - Thanks!

You may want to add Clojure to the supported languages page (http://www.textasticapp.com/manual/lessons/Which_file_types_are_supported.html) such that googling clojurians are able to find this great tool.
I've just updated the list. Thanks!
Was Clojure support removed or something? I don't see it in the list of file types supported, and I just downloaded it yesterday.
You can add the clojure TextMate bundle to add syntax highlighting support for it: https://github.com/swannodette/textmate-clojure

Have a look at the manual to see how this can be done.
Got it. Thanks.