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jo, danke, ein Neustart hat das Problem behoben.


please don't waste paper to print your code, not even in class. code is changing a lot, so do you want to reprint it everytime you update it. how about a projector?


Apple doesn't allow that.

I tried to reproduce the crash by very very fast scrolling in large files.
The app finally crashed, just by scrolling, but without creating a crashlog :(
I assume it's a low memory situation on my iPad (1. Gen)
iOS does only allow Bluetooth connections between iOS Devices. Adding a capability to transfer files to mac or other devices would cause the app not to pass Apples Review for Appstore.
Just for two different files, one left, one right?
Or what do you want on the second part.
This would create several problems, because iOS doesn't offer a nice way dealing with multiple views, and there are some AppStore restrictions as well.
- how to highlight the windows you are working on?
- all the buttons on top, are they for the right or left window?
- how to select, open and close files in a specific window? On the left? On the right?
The keyboard is full screen anyway!?!
Having the code displayed on a screen that's only halve as wide, will cause you won't be seeing a full line?
What happens if you additionally open the navigation wheel?

I like your idea, because copying parts from left to right would be very helpful, or simply comparing code. But at this point I'm not sure about the way how to implement this feature.
Now you can see what a wonderful app you made! People wouldn't be voting this fast, if no one likes your app. And this is only a very small part, only those who are randomly online right now. But whom am I telling this?