Split screen

Alain Nadeau 12 years ago updated by Jonathan Ragan-Kelley 8 years ago 7 2 duplicates
Horizontally or vertically. Would be awesome
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Yes, this would be pretty amazing, vi-like!
Just for two different files, one left, one right?
Or what do you want on the second part.
This would create several problems, because iOS doesn't offer a nice way dealing with multiple views, and there are some AppStore restrictions as well.
- how to highlight the windows you are working on?
- all the buttons on top, are they for the right or left window?
- how to select, open and close files in a specific window? On the left? On the right?
The keyboard is full screen anyway!?!
Having the code displayed on a screen that's only halve as wide, will cause you won't be seeing a full line?
What happens if you additionally open the navigation wheel?

I like your idea, because copying parts from left to right would be very helpful, or simply comparing code. But at this point I'm not sure about the way how to implement this feature.
Editor + Browser split-view could be interesting.

How about this idea?

| Viewer | Editor |

Left one is a viewer and right one is an code editor.

Right one is only code editor but left one can be belows.

1) a code viewer just for copying from another file or same file.

2) a real time web browser for right one.

Yes, there will be a free iOS 7 update. I recently posted a screenshot on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Textastic/status/405727895685169153

A split screen mode is not planned, but you can quickly show the preview by tapping on the "eye" button in the current version ("glasses" in the iOS 7 version).

The first thing I thought up right after i bought this app I wish this had split screen, so i was kind of having buyers remorse. If i can edit html and a css file side by side that would be great!


This may have seemed like overkill three years ago, but on a 12.9" iPad Pro with a Smart Keyboard and iOS 9/10 this would be extremely welcome—at this point it feels almost surprising that there isn't yet something like this