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When will Textastic support custom theme?
No. I did not go through the posts thorough enough.

I like your rsync idea. This way can solve the problems and support regardless of what version control software you use. The drawback is that you may not be able to check in/out remotely anytime you like unless you are connected to VPN or some sort.

But I still think this rsync idea has some advantage. For example, you want to transfer your changes to your Mac and examine them before committing back to your repository. After all, you can only view one source file at a time on iPad and there is tendency to make some mistakes. I still prefer to code on 27" iMac with multiple source files displayed on the screen simultaneously.
Looks like I'm the only one for Mercurial... :(
I am looking forward for Mercurial. Just a basic checkin, checkout and update function will do. No need graphical. Let the Macs do the graphical magic.
To be able to import color scheme from Aquamacs Emacs will make life easier. :)

Hi Alex,

Here is the screenshot  of I don't know why Apple support block cursor in its but not Xcode. I really love (blinking) block cursor. It is easier to spot! :)

Hi Alex,

Here is the screenshot of my favorite color scheme (partly).

Yes, it works for me. I was too excited and I thought it only supported .ada as describe in the website. I only found that out after purchasing the app.

Perhaps you should update the supported languages to include .ads and .adb for Ada.

Good job!