Can my wishes come through?

Adrian Hoe 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 13 years ago 4

I am a new user of Textastic and I am glad that it supports Ada. I love the app so far and I load my Ada codes on my iPad now I can read and/or write Ada codes wherever I go.

But I have some wishes and I hope the Textastic developer(s) can realize them.

1.) I wish that Textastic will allow user to customize background and font color. I have been working on black background with amber font color for many many years. I especially like keywords to be Red. This setting soothe my eyes (after many surgeries) very well.

2. I love block cursor. It is more visible to my traumatized eyes.

3. I wish that Textastic  will support Mercurial (and others like SVN etc.) repository check in/out. This will save the troubles transferring files to and from the Mac to check in/out to/from repository.

Thanks in advance for realizing my Textastic wishes. Please continue the good work.

1) I plan to support custom colors when the new syntax highlighter is finished for Textastic 3.0. You can also discuss and vote for this feature at http://feedback.textasticapp.com/feedback/7475-customizable-colors-for-syntax-highlighting/

2) Can you post a screenshot that shows the block cursor how you want to see it? Maybe with the syntax colouring scheme you prefer?

3) Version control support is discussed at http://feedback.textasticapp.com/feedback/7628-support-for-version-control-systems-svn-git-etc/

Thanks for your feedback,


Hi Alex,

Here is the screenshot of my favorite color scheme (partly).

Hi Alex,

Here is the screenshot  of Terminal.app. I don't know why Apple support block cursor in its Terminal.app but not Xcode. I really love (blinking) block cursor. It is easier to spot! :)
Thanks, I'll consider adding this to Textastic.