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Dear Alexander,

Thanks for your answer. The whell does not seem to be recognized in many apps (including native ones), but it is recognized in Textastic. So I believe you are already reacting to some kind of event which is emitted by a tick of the wheel.

If you manage to understand which event it is, I think it would be interesting to add some customization, as mentioned in my previous message.

Do you have a Bluetooth mouse to check this?

Thanks again for Textastic!

Kind regards,


That's a fan-text-astic news! Really!
Thank you Alexander.
Hi Alexander,
When are you planning to release the new version of Textastic?
Really can't wait! ;-)
Oops, I forgot to mention another one:
- Add an option (like on the iPad version) allowing to hide the extra keys (above the keyboard). This is particularly useful when using an external bluetooth keyboard.