iOS 13 - Bluetooth mouse - Scroll wheel management

Maurice Zoliker 5 years ago in General updated 4 years ago 2

Dear Alexander,

With iOS 13, we can now use a bluetooth mouse with Textastic, even on iPhone :-), which is really awesome.

I believe it would be even better if the scroll wheel was customizable in Textastic:

- Number of lines to scroll per tick

- Direction of scrolling: up or down

Right now, the screen is scrolling only line by line (which is a bit slow) and in an unintuitive direction, at least for me: scrolling the wheel up makes the screen go down, I would have expected the opposite.

Adding some options in the configuration area seems to be the way to go :-).

Thanks a lot for your help!

Kind regards,


Since this is implemented as an accessibility feature on the OS level I don't think apps can influence what happens when using the mouse on iOS 13 beyond what Apple already offers as configuration options.

Dear Alexander,

Thanks for your answer. The whell does not seem to be recognized in many apps (including native ones), but it is recognized in Textastic. So I believe you are already reacting to some kind of event which is emitted by a tick of the wheel.

If you manage to understand which event it is, I think it would be interesting to add some customization, as mentioned in my previous message.

Do you have a Bluetooth mouse to check this?

Thanks again for Textastic!

Kind regards,