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Extra keys remain displayed with BT keyboard and virtual keyboard is split

Alexander Blach (Developer) 8 years ago in iPad updated 6 years ago 6 1 duplicate

Bug report from a customer: Extra keys remain displayed on iPad (should disappear) when using a bluetooth external keyboard *and* virtual keyboard is split (no problem when virtual keyboard is not split). Thanks!

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Please keep this "feature", if kept as a separate optino. I need the extra buttons as my iPad keyboard is tiny and does not have all the keys needed for coding, such as curly brackets. With no way of showing the additional keys when using an external keyboard textastic would be useless to me. 
I've changed the behavior so that in the next update, they additional keys are always visible even when an external keyboard is connected. On iOS 7 it is no longer possible to reliably detect if an external keyboard is connected or not. You can hide the additional keys in the settings screen.
Bug.. Using split-keyboard leaves top shortcuts semi transparent, but unusable.. I would love to use split-kb w/ shortcut keys.

I tried searching for for this specific topic & found this thread as the closest.
Unfortunately this is a bug in iOS 8. I have reported it to Apple and hope they'll fix it in an update.