Opening 800kb json file crashes app

Steve Scott 11 years ago in iPad updated by Jaimie Malvi 5 years ago 3

I have an 800k json file in my project but Textastic freezes and doesn't return when trying to open it.

It depends on the hardware you are using, but more recent iPads like the 3rd or 4th generation iPad should handle such a file without problems.

But, if the file has some very long lines, this could be problem. Especially, if it is a minified .js file.

It's a 4th gen iPad and the file is not minified - just to clarify this is a .json file not a .js file.

What is the line length limit?
There is no fixed limit. It depends on the file and its complexity. Normal source code line lengths (say up to about 200 characters per line) work best. 800 kb in one line would be extremely slow.