firebug not working on local view

Carlin Canales 11 years ago in iPad updated 11 years ago 4

When i preview a page and try to enable firebug nothing happens. i'm connected to the internet. It was working fine before the most recent update. Not sure if this is a known bug or just something i'm doing wrong. if i open the preview and click on the remote button and enable firebug it works fine, but not when in local view. 

I just tried it out with local preview of local and iCloud files and it worked for me. You do need an internet connection that can connect to https://getfirebug.com/ for this feature to work.

I'm connected to the internet (home network) and I can get to getfirebug.com no problem. Would there be something i have configured wrong? or any code that would possibly prevent this? it was working fine before the previous update. 

Does it work with another, maybe more simple file?

Yup looks like it does. Did some more testing and looks like it's the angular.js file that is breaking this. Sorry for the stupid question lol.