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If you could include duplicate line(s) along with move, that would be great!
Textastic 3.1 has Emmet -- hooray!!! Thanks, Alexander
+1 3.0 is a massive achievement -- I'm also all in!

+1 -- this would be my top choice for the next Textastic enhancement

fwiw, I think the most common keyboard shortcut for this is CMD+/ 

I ran into this problem also yesterday:

  1. Created new doc
  2. Pasted in some code
  3. Switched to browser to look up something
  4. When I came back saw the "could not autosave file, you don't have permissions"
  5. Went and looked at the file permissions - they were fine, but anyway gave everyone RW permissions - didn't help
  6. Finally just copied the code, open the file in another editor, and was able to save

Full Emmet support would include this :)

I would love this too -- huge time saver for code editing. It's so common in Mac editors (even TextEdit:), that I'm hoping it's not too hard to implement. OPTION+Select usually activates it.

That is great. I'm already getting a lot of use out of Textastic, and I have a feeling it's going to be my main code editor one of these days :)