Emmet (Zen coding) a must have for HTML/CSS work

Arkadiusz Stankiewicz 11 years ago updated by bill 8 years ago 8

I'm really missing Emmet (Zen Coding) functionality.



It is great but I still miss emmet for iPad version of Textastic :-)

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+1 -- this would be my top choice for the next Textastic enhancement

Textastic 3.1 has Emmet -- hooray!!! Thanks, Alexander

Wondering how to get the tab key working for emmit... ul>li*5... then what?

Are you using the Mac version? If you are editing an HTML file, you should be able to just press the Tab key to expand the abbreviation. Or you can use Ctrl-E.

Make sure Tab key expansion is not disabled in the Emmet preferences.

Thanks for the reply... I am using Textastic on my iPad not on my Mac... I only get the tab symbol when I use it to create an emmet shortcut... Wondering what I am doing wrong.

The current version 6.2 of Textastic for iOS does not support Emmet. This will be added in Textastic 6.3 which is currently in beta.

great! looking forward to it.... appreciate the quick reply. sure you are busy. really love the tool.