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Column mode

David Preschel 10 years ago updated by IGL 3 years ago 12

Column selection mode:  Ability to select/copy/paste a column of text

I would love this too -- huge time saver for code editing. It's so common in Mac editors (even TextEdit:), that I'm hoping it's not too hard to implement. OPTION+Select usually activates it.

Just checked out the editor and is amazing, but I think this is a crucial feature, as it says it's planned, do you have a date for it?

I'd like to purchase the editor when the feature is available, as I've been using BBedit for years but I'm tired of it,  it's getting slower every time.

For work I also use a windows machine, and I haven't found a true alternative to Notepad++ on the mac, and your software seems at last the answer to my problems, keep up the good work

No, sorry, I don't have a date. I submitted version 1.1 two days ago which adds tabs among other things. I'm going to concentrate on the iOS version now for a while and plan to add column mode after that.

Hi, any update on this
Any update on this?
It's still on my todo list.

Hi, any update on this thing? Is that possible to enter "the column mode" in the textastic? Thank you in advance.

Under review

Not yet, sorry.

Is there any news on this?


Hi, great software! Has the column mode been implemented? It is so useful for large tables of data! Thank you!