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No answer means "no way", right? I really hope you can give me the answer 7 months ago, so I will not keep this unrealistic illusion so long.

After trying the newest Textastic update released today, I get a sad answer. Dropbox API is still outdated.

Maybe you didn't think my feedback hit any bug, but in my opinion no full SSL support is surely a security bug, moreover, Dropbox official change logs show that new API actually has fixed others bugs too.

Hope you can know that I'd not like to request all I want, I'm eager that author can cost his limited energy on what our really want. Of cause I have no right to force you do anything, but I hope you can notice my feedback need a convincing answer at least.




Regular Expression is really required.

I have tried to use Regular Expression in Textastic several times when I froget Textastic don't support it,
at last I have to turn on my PC or try edit code manually, generally it's a simple task if I can use Regular Expression.
Thanks for your reply. 

In current Dropbox API it can't list any file and folder in my case, that means Dropbox in Textstatic is completely useless for me. But I will wait Dropbox API update if you don't intend to hack it.
Now I temporarily use Dropbox official app instead. It works well, even though not so smart.

At last, still thank you for your awesome app! I can't believe that iPad can have so nice app before meeting Textastic.