Please update new Official Dropbox Support

Dowl 12 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago 2
Days ago I find some apps  with Dropbox Support are work well for me (GoodReader ,SimpleMind+… All of them can't work under my network before), but Textastic still not. 

So I try to find the problem and notice Dropbox Official SDK already update.

Please update it, I really want this before months ago:

No answer means "no way", right? I really hope you can give me the answer 7 months ago, so I will not keep this unrealistic illusion so long.

After trying the newest Textastic update released today, I get a sad answer. Dropbox API is still outdated.

Maybe you didn't think my feedback hit any bug, but in my opinion no full SSL support is surely a security bug, moreover, Dropbox official change logs show that new API actually has fixed others bugs too.

Hope you can know that I'd not like to request all I want, I'm eager that author can cost his limited energy on what our really want. Of cause I have no right to force you do anything, but I hope you can notice my feedback need a convincing answer at least.



I had a look at it, but the new version uses a completely new authentication method. Also, apps using the new SDK were rejected.  See http://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=59350 

At the time I last looked when I finished the update for Textastic 4.1, there was no official release that wouldn't result in a reject, but there was only a beta version. I plan to update it in the future, but it is not that easy.