WebDAV can not list any files and folders

Dowl 12 years ago updated by Kenroy Harrison 12 years ago 5
I try to link my BOX account through WebDAV(https://www.box.com/dav), it can upload files and add folders, but can't list anything even that just uploaded in textatic.

I think maybe it's not problem of BOX, because I link it in another app(Notability) through WebDAV, everything goes well.
box doesn't officially support WebDAV. I will look into it when they add official WebDAV support.
No, for example have a look at this comment at http://community.box.com/boxnet/topics/connecting_directly_to_box_net_via_file_explorer:

Hi Richard,

We do not officially support WebDAV, but others here may have found workarounds that they would be willing to share with you. I'll keep this topic open for others to comment since I don't expect Box.net to provide a good recommendation for you at this time.
It seems that Box.com _does_ officially support WebDAV as it's listed on their support site here:

Ok, I got it. Thx