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I still see the problem using both Dropbox and WebDAV. The crash occurs while retrieving file information. The last status I see is "273 folders 2134 files". It stays like that for a while then the app dies. Hope that helps.
Hi Alexander,

I tested using Textastic 3.1 and syncing a tree that has about 700 folders and 8000 files. The app still crashes.

Maybe I'll just wait for you to implement some kind of syncing with remote trees (like GoodReader does - you mentioned this as one way to give a kind of "rsync" support).

Thank you. You're doing an amazing job.

What about adding an option to the normal transfers so that any fiiles that already existing locally are not copied unless the size and/or the timestamp is different? This way it would be able to update the local copy with only the changes in a remote tree?