Support for rsync

Marc Beuchat 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 13 years ago 3

I work on development trees with thousands of files. The code revision system we use is Perforce. I use this great app to review code when travelling and commuting.

For me, the ideal would be to have the ability to sync the copy I have on my iPad with changes to the source tree checked out on my workstation. Rsync sounds like a nice solution since there are both Windows and UNIX servers that can be run on the workstation. Security is not an issue since the syncing would occur over the local office network or when connected from remote via VPN.

Rsync is licensed under the GPL, so I can't use it in an iOS app.

What about adding an option to the normal transfers so that any fiiles that already existing locally are not copied unless the size and/or the timestamp is different? This way it would be able to update the local copy with only the changes in a remote tree?
GoodReader has a great sync feature. I'll consider adding something similar.