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Just to confirm that the guide makers acknowledged the bug in their guides, so all is well. Congrats on a great editor, BTW!

If possible, don't forget to make this website, more particularly the comments area, more "iPad-friendly". Also, if one could upload files from the iPad as well, that would be super! (I now noticed there are buttons to upload stuff because I'm on my PC!)

Update: I was doing some more tests and it appears that the culprit may be the guide after all: the problem is that instead of some 0x20 (space), it has some 0xC2 0xA0 (non-breaking space?); they display the same but the latter are not interchangeably with "normal" spaces for html processing. i've now contacted the other company (they have been as quick as you guys: I'm (pleasantly) surprised that two of the programs I bought have such an extraordinary support, even on a saturday!), and I'll let you know if they confirm my current view on this.
So this probably isn't a bug in Textastic but we can take this to improve it a bit: I don't know if an hex mode is in your pipeline, but if it isn't,, and if it's not too complex, can you make those chars (0xC2 0xA0) visually different? Say, a dot in the middle of the char cell or something? That would make catching those much easier...
I'll send you some more info, files and screenshots to that e-mail.
Great! I had this issue as well but couldn't relate to a given number of files or folders as it would sometimes blow up with less files/folders than at other times with more stuff...
BTW and while I'm here, your comment form (or font) looks awfull in my iPad! Can u please change to a better font here?
Second this. Just bought Textastic and it's superb. Only flaw so far, if we can call it that, is that I'm using it to do some Sencha Touch work and like the OP can't preview my changes without switching 1st to the html file as all coding is done on the JS files.
I'll give your product 5 stars as it is now, but would *really* like to see this feature come to life.