Your comments

It may not be the biggest audience, but you're certainly not the only one. I also use Textastic mainly for writing Markdown, sometimes for LaTeX, and I would also appreciate a setting to turn off indentation of wrapped lines. I agree indenting wrapped lines makes code easier to read, but for text, it is somewhat annoying.

Great app, though! :-)

The problem is independent from the text editor I use (Emacs), as the problem already occurs in my mail client (Mutt). When I access my mail via webmail (Fastmail), the file is not recognized by the Fastmail interface as UTF-8 but is displayed as iso-8859-1 (I think). When I download the file from webmail, it is saved correctly and Emacs can open it as a UTF-8 file.

So it seems the problem lies elsewhere... Sorry to bother you with this and thanks for the quick reply. :-)