Disable wrapped line indentation?

Jonathan Poritsky 13 years ago updated by jin choung 11 years ago 6
Just got the app and I'm absolutely loving it.

I do little coding and would like to use the app mostly for writing. I love the Markdown syntax highlighting. I'm curious if it's possible to disable the indentation of wrapped lines. Am I missing how to do this, or will it perhaps be coming in a future update? Thank you.
Currently it's not possible to deactivate the indentation of wrapped lines. You can disable line indentation however.

I thinks indendation of wrapped lines makes long lines much more readable, especially with code. It may be different if you use it mainly for Markdown though.
Thanks for the quick response. It would be nice to turn it off for non-code writing, but I realize that may not be the app's biggest audience.
It may not be the biggest audience, but you're certainly not the only one. I also use Textastic mainly for writing Markdown, sometimes for LaTeX, and I would also appreciate a setting to turn off indentation of wrapped lines. I agree indenting wrapped lines makes code easier to read, but for text, it is somewhat annoying.

Great app, though! :-)

I agree. I do a ton of work in LaTeX and the indentation is really annoying. It would be great if we could turn this off. Thanks!

haha, i'm late to the party but i too would like an option to turn this off.  i just noticed this as a i started a new document and i first thought i was doing something wrong and then i thought that it was a bug in the software.

hahahaha.... boy i'm REALLY late to the party.  it's already in there as an option!  thank you much alexander.