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I’ll just add to this here since I just posted some annoying requests. Thanks for the hard work on this app. We users are picky and come up with lots of requests but app development for iOS/iPadOS is hard work with very little financial incentive anymore. So thanks for doing what is obviously a passion project.

Anyway, the clipboard import would be similar to how some other apps handle it, when you choose to create a key, it looks on the clipboard for a valid private key format and imports that if you want. The soon-to-be-discontinued Code Editor does that, and Anders does it for Secure ShellFish and Working Copy.

Yeah, I tried to edit my post, but it won’t edit for some reason. I’ll have to check my content blockers. I saw after I posted that about the ed25519 and ecdsa formats. Sorry about that!!

Thanks for the tip on the shortcut!