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Sync/Refresh issue with Textastic and Secure Shellfish folders

Scott Willsey 3 years ago in iPad updated 3 years ago 5

I’ve had some issues editing projects that reside on my Mac using Textastic on iPad with the Mac folders mapped using Secure Shellfish. Specifically, I’ve had files get deleted when trying to move them to a new folder using Textastic (they get removed from A but never arrive in B), and also times when it doesn’t fully see moves that happened outside the app and so does weird things like recreate some of the no-longer present directories.

Just FYI because without Git, I would have definitely lost work because of it.

Under review

Thanks for letting me know about this issue. I'll try to reproduce it.

Do you know steps to reliably reproduce the issues you are seeing or does it only happen sporadically?

It's kind of sporadic, but moving directories around or moving files is a pretty sure way to make it happen.

Hi Scott

I would like to try to investigate this as it sounds like Secure ShellFish issues. 

I'm much more efficient if we can do this by email.

Could you email me at anders@secureshellfish.app ?

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One thing that comes to mind is I'd love to have a solution that creates an sftp connection to the server but allows editing the files as though they're local... download the file transparently when I open it, and then upload it when I save it. Generally these are all text files so I think this would work and would make sure that the connection is reliable and syncable as possible.

Speaking of that, I'd love to see sftp in Secure Shellfish also. 😁

And yeah, I do realize how easy it is for me to ask you guys to do more work. 😂