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ssh key updates - request

Scott Willsey 3 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 3 years ago 4

I have my servers set to only allow remote login with ssh keys (no passwords). Given this, I’d love to see the ssh key handling in Textastic updated to allow for modern open ssh key formats and key formats such as ed25519 and ecdsa 521. 

I’d also love to see the private keys automatically stored in an encrypted file accessible only to the app or something other than the local files folder.

Finally, a clipboard import feature would be super nice.


Under review

Hello, Textastic 9 already supports Ed25519 and ECDSA keys.

I'll consider adding better SSH key management.

How exactly would a clipboard import feature work? You can already import the clipboard using x-callback-url actions "new", "append" or "replace": https://www.textasticapp.com/v9/manual/integration_other_apps/x-callback-url.html#actions

"If neither the text parameter nor the snippet parameter is specified, the text to append will come from the clipboard."

Example: Append the contents of the clipboard to the file clipboard.txt in the iCloud root folder:


You can call this url from a shortcut in the Shortcuts app.

Yeah, I tried to edit my post, but it won’t edit for some reason. I’ll have to check my content blockers. I saw after I posted that about the ed25519 and ecdsa formats. Sorry about that!!

Thanks for the tip on the shortcut!

Anyway, the clipboard import would be similar to how some other apps handle it, when you choose to create a key, it looks on the clipboard for a valid private key format and imports that if you want. The soon-to-be-discontinued Code Editor does that, and Anders does it for Secure ShellFish and Working Copy.

I see! I thought the clipboard import was a request unrelated to SSH keys, sorry.