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That means my files are probably gone. I started using  iCloudDrive  specifically to back up the Textastic Files. I guess I should have continued backing them up to Dropbox.

That’s what I meant. The folders I lost were around for months. They should be in recently deleted. I have a support question with Apple about this.

I created a test folder in Textastic, confirmed that it was visible in the Files app, then deleted it using Files, it showed up in Recently Deleted in the Files app, I was able recover it from the Files app, go back to Textastic and the folder was back.

I then created a test folder in Textastic and deleted it from there, and looked in the Files app, and it never showed up in Recently Deleted.

I just noticed in System Settings I have TWO Textastic entries.

The Textastic folder does not show up in iCloud Drive on the web, but it does show up in the files app.

It’s not there. Today I opened Textastic and another folder is missing. I did not delete it, would not have deleted it, the content was very important.

It’s not on iCloud, not on the Files app either.