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Files Deleted From Textastic Never Show Up in Recently Deleted

steve knoblock 5 years ago in iPhone updated 5 years ago 2

Nothing I delete from within Textastic ever shows up in the Recently Deleted folder.

I can create a test folder containing a test text file from within Textastic. I can go to the Files app and see the newly created folder is visible from there in iCloudDrive. Then go back to Textastic and delete the folder. Go to the Files app and look for the folder. It will no longer be visible in the Files app under the iCloudDrive folder, which is correct. When I next go to the Recently Deleted folder, the folder I deleted is not there.

I can delete a file and it never shows up in Recently Deleted even though it shows up in the Textastic folder.

Under review

Yes, currently files are deleted immediately.

I'll try to find out whether it's possible for an app to move a file to recently deleted instead of deleting it immediately.

That means my files are probably gone. I started using  iCloudDrive  specifically to back up the Textastic Files. I guess I should have continued backing them up to Dropbox.