Your comments

I am quite comfortable editing latex documents with Textastic, and would like to see an option to compile documents remotely. I like the way Tex Touch does: Let user download a small program in his/her machine watching for file change. When the Tex file is updated, it automatically compile it, so that Tex touch will download the PDF to iPad . I tested the program wiith Textastic and it works just fine too. However, a formal feature like this from Testastic is Moore desirable.
I would like to second the request to add an option to silently upload and download files. I find the popup warning quite unnecessary and annoying when one upload or download files frequently. This option can be set in the setup window, or even better is per-file option, that is, when a up or download is requested for a particular file the first time, the warning pops up and gives one an option to disable it in the future .